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How to Practice Soccer at Home During COVID-19

During quarantine, it’s possible that players could have a hard time playing soccer, such as losing motivation to practice or not being able to go outside. Personally, I’m able to train outside with my club team, but there were also times where I was stuck at home. I also try to set goals for myself to not lose motivation. If you want to maintain your skills and improve upon them, training at home during these times is extremely important.

Having done these many times throughout quarantine, here are a few ways you can work on your fundamental skills at home:

Ball mastery drills: Ball mastery drills are usually extremely easy to do and all you need is a small and an object you can use as a cone. Practicing these drills allows you to have more control over the ball in tight spaces, which is very useful in games. Mastering these drills also help players gain more confidence on the ball since they are more comfortable with controlling the ball. Here is a video of some drills you can do that I have personally used before:

You can also check our video tutorials on our website to get more ideas of what you can do at home.

Juggling: Juggling in soccer is basically a necessity. It improves your foot-eye coordination, your first touch, as well as your ability to focus. Juggling in your house isn’t hard and all you need is some space. If you don’t know what juggling is or how to do it yet, it’s important to get started earlier on, as it will benefit you a lot in the future.

Wall Passing: To practice wall passing, all you need is a small area and a wall. Wall passing allows you to work on your passing skills, touch, and balance. It’s important to pay close attention to the speed and direction of the ball, as you want a consistent bounce. You can modify this drill by taking more touches or passing with a different part of your foot. Here is a video that illustrates this drill:

Strength Training: Improving your strength doesn’t require any equipment, just your bodyweight. Strength training includes exercises such as pushups, sit-ups, and squats. It’s important to focus on the quality of these movements instead of the quantity because it allows you to build strength faster and prevent injury. These exercises also work a lot of muscles throughout the body, allowing you to become stronger overall.

By trying out some of these drills and exercises at home, you will definitely see an improvement in your game. It’s important to be consistent and hardworking, as it will benefit you in the future. Hopefully, you try some of these drills and exercises if you’re trying to practice soccer at home.

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