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How To Prepare For Soccer Tryouts

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Soccer tryouts can be extremely stressful, and I’m sure a lot of players feel this way as well. Personally, I try not to stress too much about it and think to myself that it’s part of the process of becoming a better player. The most important thing to remember is to prepare and believe in yourself. You want to show the coach that you are a hard-working player and that you deserve that spot on the team. Having experienced this many times, here are a few ways you could prepare for your tryouts and ultimately increase your chances of making the team:

1. Prepare your mind: Oftentimes, players show that they are too nervous, which holds them back. Before the tryouts, you want to prepare and get your mind in the right place. Nervousness and anxiety can all be things that can work against you and hold you back. This mostly happens if this is your first time trying out or if the stakes are extremely high. To prepare your mind, try visualizing the day of the tryouts and imagine yourself creating a goal-scoring opportunity or defending a tough opponent. Try flooding your mind with positive thoughts, which can help you focus and release nerves.

2. Be fit: Being fit can also mean being in shape and this is extremely important because it shows that you are prepared and committed to the sport. A lot of coaches make their players run sprints at some point in the tryouts and if you stand out here, it can give you a better chance of making the team. To prepare for this, I suggest going outside a few weeks before tryouts and getting a lot of sprint repetitions each week. I would do this at least two times a week to build up your fitness, leading up into the tryouts.

3. Work on important skills: Just like fitness, skill can also be controlled by the player. It’s essential to work on skills prior to the tryouts such as knowing how to trap the ball, pass short or long, and playing quick. Knowing the basic skills can easily determine whether or not you make the team. If you already know these skills, work on perfecting them. Don’t practice until you get it right one time, but practice until you can’t get it wrong.     

4. Make an impression: One of the best things you can do during a tryout is to make the coach notice you before the tryouts even begin. Make a good impression of yourself early on. Arrive early and grab a ball and a partner and start passing and warming up. Arriving early shows that you are prepared and that you are eager to be there.

5. Work Hard: Even if you are not having a great day on the field, make sure you are giving all your effort during the tryouts because this is one of the qualities coaches strive to see.

By using some of these methods to prepare for your tryouts, you will definitely increase your chances of making the team and see an overall improvement in your game. Remember to always be confident and prepare well. Hopefully, you use some of these tips to help you prepare for your tryouts!

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