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Thunder Shots & ACE Esperanza M.S. Soccer Clinic

One of the Thunder Shots’s latest ventures comes in the form under Athletes 4 Others. Athletes 4 Others is a student run organization that provides athletic opportunities for underprivileged or underrepresented youth communities, and is the bringing together of several single sport focused non-profit organizations, including The Thunder Shots and Pinnacle Hoops. During the fall, Athletes 4 Others ran free soccer clinics at ACE Esperanza Middle School in East San Jose for the students after school hours.

The head coaches for the clinics were Trevor Knotts (Co-President of The Thunder Shots) and Peyton Wong (Head Coach for The Thunder Shots). They would start the sessions by having the students juggle the balls and pass around while waiting for everyone to arrive, before starting a more formal warmup. After that, they would move on to drills, for example dribbling through cones or passing patterns. The last portion of the game would be some sort of fun scrimmage, where the students would try to apply what they learned in the earlier portions of the session to real game experiences. The scrimmages would be the highlight of each session, as they were when students would have the chance to just play and enjoy the game.

We look forward to being a part of these volunteering opportunities that provide for the community.

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